This article will assist the user in understanding the tokenization of payment methods within our new billing platform, Invoice Sherpa. 

Tokenization completely removes credit card data from our company’s internal networks and replaces it with a unique, generated placeholder, or “token” — much like emptying a warehouse so that a thief has nothing to steal. Merchants use only the token to retrieve, access, or maintain their customers’ credit card information. Meanwhile, our customers’ real card data is stored at a highly secure, offsite location.

Removing confidential customer credit card data from our internal networks is one of the biggest reasons why we are relying on tokenization. All merchants who accept, transmit, process or store credit card data online, in a store, by phone or by mail must certify each year that their IT security and processes comply with 12 rigorous Payment Card Industry Card Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

You have the choice to remit payment through the invoice itself, you may request to fill out payment authorization forms to email to our Billing team, or you may contact our Billing department at 408.351.5630 to update your information over the phone.