This article contains the cancellation of service policies that are enforced by the company.

1. All account and/or service terminations must be preceded with a written notification sent by the Primary Contact for the account to billing@ for auditing purposes. Please note that we do not accept the cancellation of any services sent via 'On Behalf As'. 

2. We do not accept cancellations of customer accounts over the phone in order to protect the integrity of the account.

3. License fees for the usage of Outlook, Exchange, CRM, Cloud, and other services that we provide are generated by our Vendors and as such are billable services, whether these services are fully utilized or not. As ALL of our Support queues are expressly forbidden by policy to remove ANY of these services from customer accounts, these services must, out of necessity, be removed by the end user within the Administrative Control Panel. 


4. Due to licensing issues, we do not prorate accounts. 

5. Prior to account termination, all balances must be paid in full.


6. Once an account is cancelled, all software acquired from the company must be uninstalled within 60 days.


7. A customer will not be allowed to sign up with the same service post account termination for 90 days. The same customer is permitted to sign up with a different service at any time.

8. An account has a one mailbox minimum in order to stay active. Accounts with zero mailboxes will be purged from the network after 60 days of not having a mailbox.