Effective August 2023, Data Center Warehouse (DCW) has taken over billing for all services. SaaShost.net continues to provide technical support for our customers, but all billing policies now default to DCW's and all payments must be made directly to DCW. 

If you have billing questions or concerns, please reach out to your DCW billing contact directly at 949-799-2410.

IMPORTANT: Under Microsoft NCE, term lengths are strictly enforced. Cancellations or reductions can occur within 24 hours of subscription purchase at no cost to the customer (actual hours, not business hours). Cancellations or reductions completed within 7 days hours (actual days, not business days)  can be performed but will be subject to a prorated amount due. Outside of that timeframe, customers are unable to cancel or reduce the number of licenses under that subscription to completing the term (Annual or Monthly) and monies will be due regardless of company status, need for the licenses, etc.