This article will guide the user in configuring an Exchange 2013 POP3 connection using Outlook 2011 for Macintosh.

1. Open Outlook 2011 for Mac

2. Click on E-Mail Account.



3. In the E-Mail and Password fields, type in your Full E-Mail Address and mailbox password.





4. Click Add Account.


5. The Account should now be configured automatically. 



If the account does not configure automatically, please use the following configuration:

1. Under Configure Automatically, Please fill in the following information:



User Name: Your Full E-Mail address.
Type: POP
Incoming Server: Place a check in the box next to Use SSL to connect (Recommended) The port will default to 993.
Outgoing Server: Select  SSL to connect (recommended). This port will need to be set to 7071.


2. Select Add Account.

3. Once the account has been created, type in your Account Description. (optional)

4 Select More Options.

5. Choose Use incoming Server info in the Authentication drop down the select OK.