As terms are Net0, past-due notifications will be sent as soon as an invoice payment is missed or declined and will continue to be sent via our billing system automatically to the set contacts within our billing portal. 

Personalized (ticketed) past-due notices will be sent once payment is 7 days past due to the billing and/or primary contact on file. (An exception made here is to customers noted as paying via physical check.)

Notifications of pending suspension/suspension warning will be sent beginning on the last day of the month and suspension will be implemented within 7 business days. A suspended account entails all services being placed on hold, being locked out of all mailboxes, and having access to the managing Control Panel removed.

Upon account suspension, the account must be brought to current within 7 working days or it will be terminated in full. NOTE: Mailboxes may be retrievable for up to 30 days past account termination, but data retrieval is not guaranteed. Reinstatement of terminated accounts will require payment of all past-due invoices in full, will be subject to mailbox reattachment fees (per seat), and may incur an account restore fee.

A customer with a history of nonpayment (failure to pay on time 4 or more times within a 12-month period) is subject to immediate termination upon notice of the 4th offense.

If a customer account exceeds Net 45 terms, SaaShost reserves the right to terminate the account. Unpaid balances will be sent to a third-party collection agency and an additional administrative fee may be assessed.