If an account is 30 days past due it will risk automatic suspension due to non-payment and late fees will be assessed to each open invoice. These late fees are non-refundable. A suspended account entails being locked out of all mailboxes and the Control Panel. In order to lift the suspension, any outstanding balances must be paid in full, including late fees.


It is always our hope to come to a resolution prior to suspension. We have implemented a proactive solicitation of pending funds prior to an account suspension to reduce hardship including:


  •  Two weeks (14 days) from the day the initial notification is given to bring the account balance current or to make payment arrangements before the account is suspended and a migration plan is initiated.
  •  30 days from the day the initial notification is given to bring the account current or execute payment arrangements before account is terminated and licenses are migrated due to our business continuity clause.





  • The Admin on the account is notified of a past due balance and the projected suspension date.

a. An e-mail and phone call is conducted immediately following notification that the account risks suspension.

b. A follow-up call and e-mail is sent one day following the initial notification if initial contact fails.

c. The Admin on the account is notified a third time on the second week following notification regarding the impending suspension.

d. If action or arrangements are not made, the Admin on the account is notified a final time the day prior to suspension as a courtesy reminder that account is to be suspended and terminated on the date initially communicated.

e. Account is suspended the on the 15th day and the process to terminate on the 31st day is initiated.


**It is important to note that the parent company, CloudPlus, reserves the right to suspend the account without direct or live contact although this is not the preferred methodology.




  •  After the 14th day, the parent company, CloudPlus, will initiate the termination process to conclude on the 31st day after the initial notification.
  •  All accounts which reside under a non-paying Partner will be communicated to and migrated to a paying Partner after 14 days of no contact to conclude on the 31st day after the initial notification.
  •  All communication regarding account suspension is documented via the @billing ticketing system ensuring accountability for all parties involved.


** Account will be responsible for all past dues regardless of suspension / termination and will be sent to collections if account does not cooperate.