This article provides instructions for connecting your Skype for Business Android app to your hosted Lync account.  Please ensure that the DNS Settings for Skype for Business have been added to your domain host provider before proceeding with these steps:

1. Open the Skype for Business app on your Android device.  The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

2. When launching the Skype for Business app for the first time, a Terms of use agreement will appear.  Press Accept to continue.

3. Press the arrow on the Welcome to Skype for Business page.

4. Enter your Hosted Lync username and password.  The username will always be in a format.  Press the arrow to continue.

5. You may receive two Security Certificate notifications requesting permission to connect.  The first will correspond to the Lync server  The second will correspond to the Autodiscover server  On each notification, check the Always trust this Certificate box and press Continue.

6. Enter your phone number and check or uncheck the Sync Contacts box depending on your preference.  Press the arrow to continue.

7. The Skype for Business app should now be connected and ready to work.