customers are invoiced at the beginning of the month for services rendered for the previous month. (For example: an invoice dated September 1 will be for services rendered in August.)

Any Check or ACH/eCheck that does not have funds available at the time of the invoice's processing will automatically incur a $25.00 Bounced Check fee, and may incur other fees such as late fees or administrative fees. These fees are non-refundable.


Physical check payments are allowed processing time but are expected to be in hand by mid-month. NOTE: Automated past-due payment reminders may be sent to check-paying customers. These notifications are universally set and cannot be changed.

If payment in full is not received prior to the month's end, our Suspension & Termination terms will take effect and all open invoices will be subject to a monthly 1.5% late fee. Any/all late fees are non-refundable. 


Payments made via ACH do not incur an added convenience fee (credit/debit cards do). 


Checks written over the amount of the invoice will have the remaining currency issued as a credit toward the account.