This article outlines the Technical Support Policy also stated in the Private Label Partner Getting Started Guide  for Partner/Reseller accounts.




Private Label Partners must support their end users with level one support issues. To provide a customized level of support for your customers, it is important to take all the necessary steps to troubleshoot the error being experienced by your customer. You may escalate the issue to our Support Team to assist you in resolving level two support issues.

The three R’s will assist you and your Support Team in remembering the troubleshooting basics:

1. Replicate

- Can the error be replicated?

- Note the OS and mail client being used.

- Confirm enabled services via the Customer Control Panel.

2. Review

- Confirm that the DNS records are correct for the domain.

- Confirm that the user can log into, and send/receive messages via Outlook Web Access.

- Have user check server-side rules in the Control Panel.

- Have user check local rules in their mail client (e.g. Outlook, Entourage, etc.).

3. Research

- Has the error been presented previously by another customer?

- Many solutions can be found in the Knowledge Base articles located in your Private Label Support Site.

- Search engines are very helpful; i.e. Google,

- Forums and blogs can provide valuable information; i.e.  

Once you have completed the above necessary troubleshooting steps and remain unable to resolve the user issue, you may contact our Support Team for further assistance. Our Support Team can be reached per the following methods:

a. Open a ticket, detailing the error as well as the steps already taken in attempt to resolve that error.  ALL ISSUES MUST HAVE AN OPEN TICKET PRIOR TO CONTACTING SUPPORT!

b. Call the Support line (Please note: phone support may result in opening a ticket for complex or time-consuming issues that may need research or escalation to the Engineering Team.)

Please note, all Support tickets are allotted a 24 hour response time. Tickets that must be forward to Engineering, are allotted a 72 hour response time, and are answered sequentially.

For any submitted ticket, the following information MUST provided:

· Your Partner Domain and unique Control Panel URL (

· Customer Domain Name

· User Credentials

· Details of the Issue

· Steps taken to replicate and resolve the issue