Have you ever had your IMAP connection display a pop error: Server Closed Connection ; Error Code: 0x800CCCDD? This is a known issue with IMAP configured accounts connected to an IMAP service that times out. The Outlook client sends an IDLE Command to the mail server the mail server by default is set to force close these connections. The following article will show you how to adjust your scheduled send/receive to remove this error.

The following solution is based off the Outlook 2013 client:

1. Select File > Options > Advanced.

2. Scroll down to the Send and Receive section and select the Send/Receive button.

3. Once the Send/Receive Groups window appears, Select New and define a new account group the select OK.

4. Select the IMAP account and Click the check box next to " Include the selected account in this group. Once completed select OK.

5. While your new defined group is highlighted, deselect " Schedule an automatic send/receive every...minutes".

6. Highlight the All Accounts group and select edit. 

7. Locate the IMAP account and remove the check for the "Include the Selected account in this group" setting. Once completed select OK.

Once the above has been completed, the configured IMAP account will no longer send the IDLE command to the server and all Send/Receive will have to be completed manually.