This article illustrates how to forward email from one mailbox to another internally. Before we begin here are few facts you will need to know.

- If you want to forward email to a mailbox outside of the network, you will first need to create a Contact containing the external mailbox address. Once the contact is added, it will then show up in the drop down menu for forwarding mail. For more information, click the link on How to Create a Contact

- If you want email to stay in that mailbox as well as forward, you will need to select Leave a copy in the mailbox?


**Note: Selecting Mailbox is Hidden will not only hide this mailbox from the Global Address List but will also hinder configuration of an Email Program. this feature will need to be disabled if the user is first configure an Outlook program.

1. Log into the Administrative Control Panel at

2. Under My Users, select User List / Editor.

3. From the User List you will see the Complete User List of every configured mailbox. Select the user you wish to forward, and select "Edit User" link from the top.

4. Now select Microsoft Exchange tab, then on the left select the Forwarding Management.

5. To enable mailbox forwarding, choose the mailbox or contact from the drop down menu. Once selected choose whether or not a copy of all inbound mail will remain in the mailbox or if this mailbox will be hidden from the Global Address List.

6. Select Save Changes when finished.