The following article details how to create a user in your V3 Control Panel. You must be assigned Customer or Reseller Administrator permissions in order to follow the steps in this article.

    1. Log in to your Control Panel using any Internet browser at

A screenshot of a login screen

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    2. In the left-hand navigation pane, select Create New User.

A screenshot of a phone

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    3. You will be directed to a page where you will be able to fill out contact information for the user. A summary of the available fields is below.

  • First Name/Last Name/Display Name: The user’s name. The Display Name field will automatically populate once the First and Last Name are filled in.
  • Company: Automatically populates with the Account Name.
  • Job Title / Department: The user’s job title and department.
  • User Login Name/Email: The user’s email address. The domain is automatically set to the Primary Domain configured, and an alias domain can be selected from the dropdown.
  • Alternative Email: Any third-party email address to be used for Welcome Letters and password resets.
  • Country/State/City/Zip Code/Street Address/Phone Number: These fields are automatically populated from the company information but can be edited to the user’s personal phone and address information if desired.


    3. Select a role. The available roles are:

  • Reseller Administrator: Reseller Administrators have the ability to add, edit and delete customer accounts and users as well as edit available services and pricing.
  • Customer Administrator: Customer Administrators have the ability to add, edit, and delete users and services, as well as edit company information.
  • User: Users can edit their own profile information, as well as view company information and Support menu items. Users do not have administrative capabilities.
  • Select whether to send a Welcome Letter to this user. If an Alternative Email was specified, the Welcome Letter will be delivered to that address. If you prefer no Welcome Letter be sent to the user, make sure to select "Manually generated password".

    4. Select Save User Profile and you will be redirected to the User List.