The following article details how to create a customer account in your V3 Control Panel. You must be assigned Reseller Administrator permissions in order to follow the steps in this article.

    1. Log in to your Control Panel using any Internet browser at

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2. In the left-hand navigation pane, select Create New Account.

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    3. Select Create a Customer Account.

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    4. Fill in the required fields. A summary of these attributes is below.

  • Account Name: This name will appear in your Customer List and is typically the name of the customer’s company.
  • Billing Type: Currently, only Subscription is available.
  • Price Schedule: This specifies the price schedule to be assigned to the customer account. Custom price schedules can be created under the Price Schedules menu.
  • Support Email Address: This address will appear on the customer account's Support page. This is typically a support representative at the reseller, or an administrative user at the customer's company.
  • Company Phone: This is the customer's business phone number.
  • Street Address/City/State/Zip/Country: These fields correspond to the customer’s physical address. Please ensure these fields are filled out correctly, as certain services are location-dependent and will validate this information.
  • Primary Domain: This is the customer's primary domain name.  Additional alias domains can be added by clicking the Add Additional Domains link.
  • Website: This is the customer's website.
  • Company Logo: This is the logo that will appear when any of the customer's users logs into the Control Panel.  The customer's own company logo is often used if they self-administer their account, or the reseller's logo is often used if the reseller provides all administration for the account.
  • Set Company Logo: You can upload any image that does not exceed 2MB in size.
  • Set Company Color: You can choose both a primary and secondary brand color.


    5. Once all required fields are complete, click Next Step.

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    6. Fill out the Primary Contact information for this customer account. This will generally be the user responsible for administering the account, or it can be a dedicated user admin user for your access. This user will be assigned Reseller Administrator upon creation, and a summary of the available fields is below.

  • First Name/Last Name/Display Name: The user’s name. The Display Name field will automatically populate once the First and Last Name are filled in.
  • User Login Name/Email: The user’s email address. The domain is automatically set to the Primary Domain configured, and an alias domain can be selected from the dropdown.
  • Alternative Email: Any third-party email address to be used for Welcome Letters and password resets.
  • Country/State/City/Zip Code/Street Address/Phone Number: These fields are automatically populated from the company information entered on the previous page but can be edited to the user’s personal phone and address information if desired.


    7. Select whether to send a Welcome Letter to this customer. If an Alternative Email was specified, the Welcome Letter will be delivered to that address. If an Alternative Email was not specified, it will be sent to the Support Email Address specified in step 4. If you prefer no Welcome Letter be sent to the customer, make sure to select "Manually generated password". 

    8. Click the Create Customer button.


    9. The new Customer account will be created, and you will be redirected to the My Customers page. It may take a few minutes for the new account to be fully provisioned, so we recommend refreshing the My Customers page after a few minutes.