A Dynamic IP Location is a site that has a non-permanent IP Address leased to the site by its Internet Service Provider.  This is the most common type of IP assignment for residential locations.  As this IP Address can change over time, WebTitan offers a tool that can be installed at the location to keep the web filter server updated with the its IP Address.

The following article contains illustrated steps on how to setup a Dynamic IP Location address using WebTitan. These steps will require the WebTitan service enabled and registered before a Dynamic IP Location can be setup.  If you have not enabled WebTitan, please visit our knowledge base article here.

Setting up a Dynamic IP Address Location

  1. To setup a Dynamic IP Location, you will first need to log into the Control Panel in order register the Location and generate a Location Key to match with your Dynamic IP.

    1. Log into the WebTitan-enabled account in the CloudPlusService Control Panel.

    2. Click on My Services in the left-hand menu.

    3. Click the WebTitan service banner to expand it.

    4. Click the Add New Location button.

    5. Enter a name for the new location.  Select Dynamic from the IP type drop-down menu. Enter the current public IP address for the location.  A quick Google search can provide your current IP Address.

    6. Click the Save button.

    7. Refresh the My Services page to show the newly added entry in the Locations list.

    8. Click the Key icon to display the Location Key.

    9. Copy this key for use in installing the Dynamic IP Agent.
  2. Next you will need to download and Install the Dynamics IP Agent to keep the location's IP Address synchronized with the server.

    1. Download the (Windows Version Dynamic IP Agent).

    2. Open the downloaded install file to launch the installer.

    3. Click Next on the Welcome window.

    4. The Configuration window displays:
      In the Location Key field, enter the Location Key you copied in the previous step. In the WebTitan Cloud FQDN/IP field, enter

    5. Click Next and the WTC Network Checks window displays. It is recommended to leave these checks enabled as shown, as they catch any issues with communications with WebTitan Cloud and the local network:

    6. Click Next and the Select Installation Folder window displays. To install in the default folder click Next or to install in a different folder click Browse. Click Next to continue.

    7. The Confirm Installation window displays. Click Next to start the installation:

    8. Once complete, the Installation Complete window displays. Click Close to exit the install wizard.

  3. The Dynamic IP Location is now setup and ready to accept web traffic for filtering. To begin filtering traffic from the location, the DNS server for the location will need to be pointed to the web filter server IP Address.  For steps on setting the DNS server address on workstations at the location, please check out the following articles: