Just acquired a new domain and you are looking to setup the domain with Office 365 service? The following article illustrates the steps necessary in adding a new domain to your current account and what you will need to do to validate the domain with Microsoft in order to begin using it..

Please note that Microsoft requires validation of the domain assigned to the Office 365 account.  Validation is performed via a TXT DNS Record that is sent to the Alternative Contact on the account via Email.  We recommend that you have access to the domain hosting provider and are ready to add the needed DNS record before proceeding with these steps.

1. First you will need to log into our control panel (http://cp.securembox.com) with your account Administration credentials.

2. From within navigation panel located 'My account' and Click on 'My company'.

3. In the upper Right-hand corner click on 'Edit Company' to open your 'Company Details'.

4. In your Company Details page, navigate down your Domain Information. Click on the "Add additional domains" link.

Once you have added the domain, you will need to continue the validation process by accessing the My Service panel. For more information on how to verify a domain to add Office 365 services to it, please review the following knowledge base article.

Enabling New Office 365 Services.