Dynamics 365 is an enterprise-level CRM for tracking current and potential customers, and their data. Retain customers and build loyalty by using data and AI from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Infuse the insights into business applications and processes. 

The various Plans and Applications available for Dynamics 365 can be found in the Dynamics 365 Plans and Applications article

For a more in depth look into Dynamics 365 and to get started with the product, Microsoft has provided Dynamics 365 Documentation to assist you in the full understanding of what Dynamics 365 can accomplish.

To enable a user with a Dynamics 365 license, please follow these steps.

1. You will need to log into your control panel as an administrator http://cp.cloudplusservice.com.

2. Once you are logged in navigate to to the Products & Services section to select My Services.

3. To enable your users with the appropriate license, you will need to expand the Microsoft Office 365 Service. this will show you your created users and the licenses currently available for your organization.

The parent page is broken down into two sections. The left panel shows all of your available users that have been created within your User List. The right panel shows all of our Microsoft 365 licenses that can be applied. Select the user(s) you wish to add licenses to and click the available product license. 

4. Once you are done selecting your user and applying the desired Dynamics 365 license, click the Save button.

5. Once you hit save, please allow a few minuted for Microsoft to apply the license and ready the product for use. The Dynamics 365 tenant can be accessed at https://home.dynamics.com using the user credentials setup during the user creation process.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the essential business solution for busy professionals who need to engage with customers while staying productive at work and on the go. You can download Microsoft Dynamics 365 HERE