Android devices vary widely depending on make and model, and each device may have a different process for accessing the account setup and configuring an Exchange account.  You may need to check with the documentation that came with your phone, or with your phone’s wireless provider, for assistance specific to your device.  The general process for all Android devices is as follows:

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Navigate to the Accounts section of the settings.

3. Tap the option to Add Account

4. Select the Exchange option.  This may be named one of the following options:


Exchange ActiveSync

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange and Office 365


5. Enter your Email Address and mailbox password, then hit Next or Sign In.

6. You will receive a prompt requesting permissions for the email account. Tap the Yes, Allow, or Activate button as appropriate for your device.

7. Open your email app on the device and go to the Inbox.  If you see an email with the subject Action Required to Sync Email, open it and tap the Use another Mail app instead link.

If a manual configuration is required, use the following information:

Domain\Username: the user's full email address

Password: the user's mailbox password

Exchange Server:

Port: 443

Security Type: select SSL/TLS or make sure the "Use secure connection (SSL)" box is checked.