This article contains miscellaneous policies that are enforced by


- Overly abusive/aggressive/hostile treatment of our employees can result in account termination from the network. A minimum of 24 hour notice will be given to allow for time to back up any necessary data before the account is terminated. This decision is based solely upon upper management’s discretion.

Mass Mailing

- allows up to 200 recipients with a single piece of mail; however, we actively monitor for mass emailing and reserve the right to suspend any account or mailbox that matches a mass email or "spammer" profile. For example, sending out the same email multiple times and maxing out the number of recipients each time mimics the tendencies of spamming. If a account is suspended we will call the primary contact shortly after the suspension to try and come to a resolution that will appease both parties.

POP3 Mailbox Support

- Mailboxes with only POP3 access are unable to utilize technical support via telephone. All support is handled via email. We strongly recommend using POP3 only mailboxes as a resource for ancillary team members.

Split Domain

- We can set up a domain as non-authoritative in the Exchange environment if requested so that an account can be set up in a split-domain configuration. It is important to know however that with a split-domain configuration, all technical support for issues revolving around inbound mail will be forfeited.

Mailbox Sharing

- Any mailbox that is accessed by two or more people in any mail client other than OWA will not be supported due to unforeseeable issues.

Outstanding Balance

- All accounts in a Delinquent State are ineligible for technical support until all invoices have been paid in full.

Account Changes

- Only authorized contacts on the account can make changes to the account such as adding a contact, service, changing the company information and ect.

- All changes are required to be submitted in a ticket by an authorized contact on the account for security purposes.

- NO one on our technical support team is authorized to make changes to your account without written documentation. You must be an 'authorized contact' on the account. The contact is 'required' to provide the written documentation. Our support team cannot open the request on behalf.

BlackBerry / BES Services

Both the blackberry software and the devices themselves are no longer supported by the manufacturer and the service as it stands today is maintained strictly for legacy customers.  We do have a support contract in place with blackberry, however they have made it clear that the resolve will be a "best effort" solution by them, and that is further complicated by an inability or us to purchase the actual devices, or even cellular data plans for BES to test.  Blackberry has made it clear that this version of the BES server has been sunsetted.