This article contains the billing policies that are strictly enforced.

 To protect the privacy, security and integrity of our customer's accounts, the Primary Contact is the only contact that is authorized to request any account related changes such as updating address and phone information. We regret that we are unable to accept these requests 'On Behalf As' or via Billing Contacts. Please note that Billing and Technical Contacts are not authorized to request such changes, as these changes fall under the strict purview of the Primary Contact. 

All requests to update this information will need to be sent by the Primary Contact to billing@. If you are unsure of who is designated as the Primary Contact on the account, please email us at billing@ and we will be happy to assist you in that matter. 

To protect the privacy, security and integrity of our customer's accounts, Billing information is only given to the Primary Contact of record or to the Billing Contact as designated by the Primary Contact. Please note that while the Primary Contact may designate whatever email address they wish in order to receive invoices, we cannot release Billing related information to that individual unless they also are either the Primary or Billing Contact of record. Please note that Technical Contacts are no longer authorized to receive Billing related information. 

 Multiple Billing Contacts may be added per the authorization of the Primary Contact, however, only one individual may be designated as the Primary Billing Contact of record. While Billing related information may be released to other listed Billing contacts, please note that ONLY the Primary Contact or the Primary Billing Contact of record may authorize charges such as Professional Services, etc. Please note that Technical Contacts are no longer authorized to request these services. 

License fees for the usage of Outlook, Exchange, CRM, Cloud, and other services that we provide are generated by our Vendors and as such are billable services, whether these services are fully utilized or not.  ALL of our Support queues are expressly forbidden by policy to remove and/or add any of these services from customer accounts. These services must, out of necessity, be removed and/or added by the Administrator of the Control Panel. 


There will be a 1% service fee for the use of credit and/or debit cards. Payments made via ACH/eCheck will not have this service fee. States that are currently excluded from processing fees associated to credit card transactions include: Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas.

Any Professional services that are requested, such as mailbox re-attachments or mailbox backups, must be initiated by the Primary or Billing Contact of record. Please also note that such billable services will be invoiced at the time of the request and that payment is due immediately, prior to the completion of the request.

Please note that due to licensing issues, our services are never prorated. 

Customer Accounts are invoiced at the beginning of the month for services rendered for the previous month. (eg; Invoice dated September 1 will be for services used in August.). Please note that due to licensing issues, our services are never prorated.

Partners are billed on the first of the month for services consumed for that month. Due to licensing issues, services are never pro-rated. If a partner removes a client prior to the end of the month, they will not be billed the following month for that client. (eg: Partner removes Customer 1 on September 25, that customer will not be billed on the Partner’s October 1 invoice.)

 In order to reset an administrative password for the Control Panel, the primary contact for the account must provide 2 of the following items for the billing team: Account ID, and the most recent Invoice information (i.e. Invoice #, Invoice Date, corresponding total amount).
All requests to update Billing information must be emailed to billing@ in order to protect the integrity of the account. Additionally, all requests must be submitted by the Primary Contact of record or a requested Billing Contact. Unfortunately, we cannot honor any requests sent 'On Behalf As'. 

 Credits and Refunds for mistakenly incurred charges for quota additions will be allotted with ½ the amount of the total package, from the most recent invoice. This will only be given after it has been confirmed that the appropriate changes have been made in the Control Panel to ensure that additional charges will not occur on the next invoice generation.
 For all billing discrepancies and disputes,  a spreadsheet with detailed charges and juxtaposing charges of the Credit Card statement must be provided for the billing team in order to apply a credit or refund. Please also note that these disputes must be initiated by either the Primary Contact or the Billing Contact on the account and must be submitted to billing@. 
 If the account is within 30 days of the original signup date a full refund can be applied. If not within the first 30 day trial period a refund will not be issued, the termination request will be honored, and the account terminated in lieu of the 30 day advance notice of account termination per the Terms of Service agreed to when signing up.


Unpaid balances will be sent to a third party collection agency after 30 days past due date.


When terminating services, proper written documentation is required. This request must be initiated by the Primary Contact as listed on the account. Please review our Termination of Services policy for more information.