1. To begin, log in to your Control Panel https://cp.securembox.com using administrative credentials.


2. Under My Users, select Create New User link to begin adding users to your customer.


3. When creating a new user, please populate all fields. Select Next to complete the user information before selecting Save and Add Services.


  • Display Name: Is the name of which the user is displayed as. Example, Test User
  • Logon: This is the User Principle Name or Email address used to log into the user's mailbox.
  • Password: The password used to log into all services.
  • Alternative Email: This field is used to retrieve Forgotten Password requests and used or user side Welcome Letter.

4. To enable Office 365, for your user, simply select the Office 365 slider and place it to the on position. This will bring up the Manage Services window. Fill out all fields and select Enable Office 365 to complete the user creation process.


  • Office 365 Type: This is the type of office 365 service being consumed by your user. This type is based off purchasable licenses found under the My catalog Hosted Services section. 
  • Display Name: The user side name that will be used to identify this user.
  • Roles: Roles are selected if this user will have administrative access to the licensed services.