This article contains the Check, ACH, eCheck Payment policies that are strictly enforced.


Accounts are invoiced at the beginning of the month for services rendered for the previous month. (eg; An invoice dated September 1 will be for services rendered in August.). 

Any Check or ACH/eCheck that does not have funds available at the time of the invoice's processing will automatically incur a $25.00 Bounced Check fee, in addition to other fees such as late fees or administrative fees. These fees are non refundable.


If an account surpasses Net terms it will automatically be suspended due to non-payment and late fees will be assessed to each open invoice. These late fees are non refundable. A suspended account entails being locked out of all mailboxes and the Control Panel. In order to lift the suspension, any outstanding balances must be paid in full, including late fees. Unpaid balances will be sent to a third party collection agency after 30 days past due date.


There will be a 1% service fee for the use of credit and/or debit cards. Payments made via ACH/eCheck will not have this service fee. States that are currently excluded from processing fees associated to credit card transactions include: Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Texas.


Checks that arrive in our Check Processing facility past the due date are subject to administrative late fees. 

All checks not including an invoice number may be shredded.


Any checks written over the amount of the invoice, will have the remaining currency issued as a credit toward the account.