The Android OS uses ActiveSync, to push your Mail, Contacts, and Calendar data to your Android device. This article does not cover ALL Android devices. The instructions provide basic Android OS setup.



1. From the home screen, select the Applications tab (located on the bottom center of the home screen).

2. Select Email.

3. From the Set up email screen, enter your email address ( and your password.

4. Select Next > Select Exchange Account (ActiveSync).

5. From the Exchange server settings screen, enter the following information:

Username: Username is the Full SmarterMail email address
Domain/Username: NOTE: the domain is to be left blank. (e.g.
Password: (your password)
Exchange Server:
Use secure connection (SSL): Checked
Accept all SSL certificates (if present): Checked

6. Select Next > Select Email Checking frequency drop-down and select your desired frequency.

7. Select Amount to synchronize drop-down and select your desired amount.

8. Select the desired account options > select Next.

9. Enter your account name (description) and outgoing message (display name).

10. Select Done.