Would you like for messages received to your account to go to another folder automatically? The following article has instructions on how to create a rule using the Outlook Web App.

1. Log into Outlook Web App at http://mail.secureowaonline.com


2. In the upper right hand corner click on the Options button.


3. Hover over and select Create an Inbox Rule.


4. Under Inbox Rules, Select New. By default this will set your rule for arriving messages. For additional rules, select the down arrow.


5. Select the drop down arrow next to "When the message arrives" and choose the option that best suits your needs. For this example we selected "It was received from" to select a contact from our Global Address List or Contact List.


6. Under "Do the following" Select the drop down arrow and select "Move the message to folder". You can now either select or create the folder you wish the message to be redirected to.


7. To add additional actions, Click on More Options. You will now have the ability to add more actions and any Exceptions to your current rule.


8. Enter a name for the rule and click Save.