This walks you step by step on how to establish up a Full Exchange Connection using RPC/HTTPS in Outlook 2010. Users will need a Full Exchange Mailbox in order to run the new profile connector tool for the connection.

1. To set up Outlook 2010 with Full Access (using RPC over HTTPS), the first thing you need to do is to download the New Profile Connector tool located at the bottom of this article.


2. A dialog box will appear for the zipped file chosen, select Download.

3. Select Open.

4. A File Download - Security Warning may pop up, select Open.

5. Select Yes

6. Enter the same username (email address) and password that you use to log into OWA. DO NOT MISSPELL IT!

7. You will now be prompted to restart Outlook. Select OK and restart Outlook.

8. When you first open Outlook, you will be prompted to enter your username (Full email address) and password. You will then be prompted again.

If you are not prompted for a username and password, then something in Outlook is blocking you from setting everything up. It is most likely a plug-in such as a anti-virus software or Google Desktop. Please disable these immediately.

9. After the second prompt, you will see the message below. It may take a few minutes. (Note: It may take awhile to download everything off of the Exchange Server depending on the size of your mailbox.)

Please Note: We always recommend that you try logging into OWA (Outlook Web Access - to confirm that your username and password are functioning properly.

If you are unable to log into OWA, please contact your system administrator as soon as possible to confirm the username, password, and access level that was given to you.