1)  From the home screen > select Applications tab (located on the bottom center of the home screen).

2)  Select Email.

3)  From the Set up email screen > enter your email address (user@domain.com) and your password.

4)  Select Next > Select Exchange account.

5)  From the Exchange server settings screen > enter the following information:

Username:  user@domain.com     Username is the Full email address
Domain/Username:  NOTE: the domain is to be left blank.    (e.g. user@domain.com)

Password:  (your password)
Exchange Server:  na01.msexchangeoutlook.com
Use secure connection (SSL): Checked
Accept all SSL certificates (if present): Checked

6)  Select Next > Select Email Checking frequency drop-down > select your desired frequency.

7) Select Amount to synchronize drop-down > select your desired amount.

8) Select the desired account options > select Next.

9) Enter your account name (description) and outgoing message (display name).

10) Select Done.