How to add new users to your SharePoint site so they can access the portal.

Note: You must first enable the user within the Administrative Control Panel.

1. Login to your SharePoint site with the Administrative Credentials.

2. Click the Site Actions drop-down menu and select Site Settings.

3. Under the Users and Permissions list, click the People and groups link.

4. Click the New drop-down menu and select Add Users.

Enter the following information: 

Users/Groups: Click the Browse icon (book) to search for users. You can search for "all" to select all users in an account or in a domain. Select an entry and click the Add button. Once all users have been added. Click the OK button.

Note: If you enter names manually, click the Check Names (person with check mark) icon to confirm the entry is valid.

Add users to a SharePoint group: Click the option button and select a group from the drop-down menu to add these users to a existing group. The users will inherit the existing group's permission level.

Give users permission directly: Click the option button to assign direct permissions. Select the check box beside the desired permission level.

Send welcome e-mail to the new users: Select the check box to send a notification email to the new user(s) with a link to the site. Add a personal message as desired.

5. Click the OK button.