The following instructions show how to map a network drive to your SharePoint 2010 site. This will allow you to drag and drop files to and from your SharePoint site.

Before mapping the network drive, you must add your SharePoint URL to the Trusted Sites on your computer.  This can be done using the following steps:

1. In Internet Explorer, navigate to your SharePoint site.

2. Click on the Tools menu.

3. Click Internet Options.

4. Click the Security tab.

5. Click Trusted Sites.

6. Click on the Sites button.

7. Verify that your SharePoint URL appears in the box “Add this website to the zone:”, and click the Add button.

8. Click OK.

Please note that you must also log into your SharePoint site and select the option for the Internet Explorer browser to remember your password.

To maps the SharePoint site to a drive:

1. In Windows, select the Start menu and select My Computer.

2. Select Map Network Drive.

3. In the Folder type "\\sharepointdomain\DavWWWRoot" (omit quotes).  Replace “sharepointdomain” with your SharePoint URL.

4. Select Finish.

5. Enter credentials (if prompted) and press OK.