The Plug-in Registration Tool is provided by Microsoft to add custom plugins to the CRM system. Plug-ins are event handlers. They execute in response to a particular event being fired by the platform. You can also write custom workflow activities to add new functionality to processes (formerly known as workflows) that you create.

Please Note: The registration of custom plugins in your CRM tenant should only be performed by someone that is highly familiar with the Dynamics CRM 2011 environment.  A poorly written plugin could compromise the stability or security of your CRM tenant.  Support teams cannot provide any assistance with custom CRM plugins.

Download and Build the Plug-in Registration Tool

The Plug-in Registration tool is provided as a source code sample in the Tools folder of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK available at the following location:

Review the instructions provided in the Tools/PluginRegistration/Readme.docx file of the download for more information about the tool and instructions on how to build the tool.

Connecting to your CRM tenant

1. Open the Plug-In Registration Tool.
2. Click on the Create New Connection Button.
3. Fill out the connection information for your CRM tenant:
     Label: Enter any label or title to help identify this connection.
     Discovery URL: Enter the full URL for your CRM tenant (e.g.
     User Name: Enter your full email address (must have System Administrator role assigned)
4. Click the Save button to save the connection settings.

The new connection will appear in the Connections pane.  Simply double-click the connection to connect to the CRM tenant.  If you are logging in for the first time, or if you have not saved your CRM credentials, you will be prompted for your password at this time.