The steps below will walk you through creating a report with the report wizard.

1. In the Workplace area, click on Reports.

2. In the Records group on the ribbon, click the New button to launch the New Report form.

3. In the Source section of the form, click the Report Wizard button.

4. In the Report Wizard, leave Start a New Report selected, and click Next to move on to the Report Properties page.

5. In the Report Name field, enter a name. In the Report Description field, put in a description.

6. Select a Primary Record type.

7. Click next to move on to the Select Records to Include in the Reports page.

8. In the Report Filtering Criteria section, replace the default Modified On search parameter by choosing Status instead of Modified On in the Select list.

9. Leave Equals in the operator field, and in the Enter Value field, select Open.

10. Click Next to move on to the Lay Out Fields page.

11. Click in the Click here to add a grouping field. The Add Grouping dialog box appears.

12. Make a selection in the Column list.

13. Select a Summary Type, click OK to add this grouping to your report.

14. Select Click Here to Add a Column. The Add Column dialog box appears.

15. Select a column from the drop down box. Set the column width, then click OK to add the column to your report.

16. Add more columns if you like.

17. In the Common Tasks pane, click on Configure Sorting.

18. Make a selection in the Sort By drop down box. Select Ascending or Descending order.

19. Click OK, and then click Next to move on to the Format Report page.

20. Select a format.

21. Review the report details, and then click Next. The Report Successfully Created confirmation page appears, indicating you have successfully created a report.

22. Click Finish to exit the Report Wizard.

23. On the form toolbar, click the Run Report button. The report will then be generated.