This article illustrates how to create a queue in CRM Dynamics.

1.  In the Navigation Pane, click Settings, click Business Management, and then click Queues. 

2.  On the Actions toolbar, click New. 

3.  On the General tab, enter information or observe any noted restrictions or requirements as needed: 

-  Queue Name
In this field, enter a name that describes the queue's purpose, business focus, or other meaningful characteristic. 

-  Business Unit
Click the Lookup button to search for and select a business unit. 

-  Owner
Click Lookup to search for and select an owner. 

-  E-mail
Enter the e-mail address for the person to whom e-mail sent to the queue should be directed. E-mail addresses must be valid. For example, If a queue does not have an e-mail address assigned to it in the E-mail field, the queue will not receive any e-mail activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you enter a user's e-mail address, e-mail sent to the queue goes to that e-mail address. A queue can also share an e-mail address with a record such as an account or contact, but can only collect messages from one e-mail address. The e-mail address cannot be a group address. 

4.  Under Incoming E-mail, select one of the following options: 

- All incoming e-mail
Convert all incoming e-mail to an e-mail activity. 

– OR – 

- Only e-mail about existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM records
Convert only e-mail that is about an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM record.

5.  Under E-mail Access Configuration, select how e-mail will be accessed for incoming and outgoing mail. 

-  None 
E-mail will not be sent or received.

Forward Mailbox 
E-mail will be forwarded from another e-mail address.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook 
E-mail is sent and received with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook .

-  E-mail Router 
E-mail is sent and received with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router. If this item is selected, the Allow credentials check box is displayed. To require that credentials be entered, select the check box. 

6.  Click Save or Save and Close.

     Click Here for Video Tutorial