This article will show you how to export contacts from Outlook and into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 hosted with The following attributes will be exported from Outlook and then imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

* First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Job Title

* Business Street 1, Business City, Business State, Business Postal Code, Business Country

* Business Phone, Mobile Phone, E-mail Address

Export Contacts from Outlook

1. Open Outlook (Can be 2003 or 2007).

2. Select Import/Export.

3. Select Export to a file and then Next.

4. Select Comma Separated Values (DOS) and select Next.

5. Select the Contacts folder you will be exporting and then select Next.

6. In the Save exported file as box, type a file name that has a CSV file name extension, such as mycontacts.csv, and then click Next.

7. Select Map Custom Fields.

8. Set it up so that only the following attributes are exported:

* First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Job Title, Street 1,  Business City, Business State, Postal Code, Business Country, Business Phone, Mobile Phone, E-mail Address

9. Select OK and then Finish.


Import Contacts into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 from exported .CSV file


1. Open the web portal version of Dynamics CRM.

2. Go to Tools then Import Data


3. In the Data file box, click Browse, locate and select the .csv file, and then click Open. ClickNext and follow the directions that appear on the screen in the Import Data Wizard.