From the Policy tab, you can move all endpoints assigned to one policy to another policy.


Note: To move an individual endpoint to a policy, see Applying Policies to Endpoint Groups.


To move endpoints between policies:


  1. Log in to your Endpoint Protection console

    The Endpoint Protection console displays, with the Status tab active.


  1. Click the Policies tab. 

    The Policies tab displays.


  1. From the Policy Name column, select the policy you want to move.

    The bottom panel lists which groups use this policy.


  1. Click the Move all endpoints on this policy to another policy button.

    The Move all endpoints to anther policy window displays.

  2. From the Policy drop-down menu, select from a list of policies the policy where you want to move the endpoints to.

    The Policy field reflects the policy you have selected.

  3. Click the Save button.

  4. Check the Policies list to make sure the new endpoints are shown under the new assignment.


    For more information, see Viewing Endpoints Assigned to Policies.