When you first deploy SecureAnywhere to endpoints, Endpoint Protection assigns them all to the Default group. If needed, you can add more groups for different management purposes and re-assign endpoints to those new groups.


To create a group:


  1. Click the Group Management tab.

  2. From the Command bar, click the Create icon. 

  3. In the Create Group window that displays, enter a group name and description, then click the Create Group button.

    The new group displays in the Groups panel on the left.


  1. To move endpoints into this group, click the group where the endpoints currently reside.
  2. Select one or more endpoints from the Endpoints panel on the right.

    Note: You can select all endpoints within the selected group by clicking the Hostname checkbox at the top of the list.


  1. From the Command bar, click the Move endpoints to another group button.

    The Move endpoints to which group? window displays.


  2. From the Group drop-down menu, select your new group and click the Save button.

  3. You can now apply policies to the entire group or to individual endpoints; for more information, see Applying Policies to Endpoint Groups.